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How It Works

How It Works

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Unlock your production potential and achieve more

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Make Management Fun!


Sign up for a Trigr account and get access to all the features.


Create a project and start adding team members, suppliers, and budget.


Assign tasks to team members or suppliers and monitor their progress in real-time.


Keep track of all project expenses and avoid going over budget.


Manage all your suppliers in one place and ensure coordination to avoid overspending.


Pay suppliers upon delivery with just a few clicks within the platform.


Keep track of all the KPIs for your project from start to finish.


Maintain seamless collaboration between your team and external suppliers on a single digital workspace. With trigr, you can easily link up with your suppliers and ensure coordination, while monitoring your expenditure and their deliverable status.

Suppliers dashboard in trigr's media financial management software. Shows 4 media industry suppliers.


You can create campaigns and projects within the platform, such as an album launch or a video production. You can allocate an overall budget to your project and break down how the budget is to be distributed across suppliers - and pay those suppliers within the system, through our Stripe connection. A record is kept of the status of your supplier’s deliverables as well as a clear overview of their payment status and the resulting effect on the overall budget.

Demo picture of trigr's media financial management software's main control panel. Gives visitors an idea of software's function.


When it comes to the age-old problem of purchase order and invoice mismatching, trigr has the solution. P/Os can be sent to your suppliers via trigr where they receive an email with a link to accept or reject – and they are offered the option to auto-generate an invoice to be returned to you for your records. All your P/O and invoices are stored under your trigr account and we ensure these remain matched via unique identification codes.

Deliverables dashboard in trigr's media financial management software. Shows projects belongs to different suppliers.


Lastly, we offer a high-level view of your business’s budget status across all campaigns, allowing you to conduct a regular financial health check. You want to see how much was spent on campaigns for Q1 2023? Easy. You want to see the sum total budgets assigned to one particular team member? No problem. You want to see what are the total outstanding amounts due to one particular supplier? One click and you’re done.

A demo picture of the Finances part of trigr’s media financial management software, showcasing how it works.
Benefits of trigr
Media Specific

All-on-one management platform
Designed for the unique workflows of the media industry

Have a comprehensive view of your campaigns and projects with customised dashboards

Save Money

Manage budget spend and allocate effectively.

Track all expenses and eliminate "budget creep"

Customisable dashboards to identify remaining spend

Keep Control

Communicate with internal teams and external suppliers

Continuous oversight of your projects' progression

Flag different stages of a project from start to finish

Achieve More

Use KPIs to best assess your creative media projects.

Ensure constant quality control so you can achieve the best for your projects.

Begin Your Journey in Creative Media Mastery
Be Part of the Media Revolution with trigr

Revolutionising Media Production Management

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Integrating effortlessly with systems like Stripe, Xero, and QuickBooks, trigr allows exportable reports in formats like Excel and CSV for optimal financial management.